Snow Day Part 1

Snow Day Part 1
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Author Notes:

Fascher 12.3.2016, 6:21 PM
Thanks for sticking with through the wait, the next update is here! ^^

This is kinda like a prologue-flashback-thingy which will then lead on to chapter 2!
I'm trying out new stuff which isn't comedy as you can see :>

Also, did I mention we reached one year of this nuzlocke? We reached one year of this nuzlocke! :D


PokeSvorlds 16.3.2016, 3:05 PM
I like the effects on the comic, though I don't fully understand the reason for half of them yet. It IS a Nuzlocke, it isn't gonna be comedy forever, so it's good you are getting us used to it somewhat.
BrucetheBatSpruce 18.3.2016, 2:27 AM
Love the art style, excited for more content
PokeSvorlds 30.8.2016, 1:16 PM
Do you have plans on making more updates any time soon?
PokeSvorlds 13.10.2016, 8:05 AM
Fascher 14.10.2016, 10:19 PM
Yeah, I'm afraid no updates anytime soon, because I'm in the middle of creating a backlog of pages so this super long wait literally never happens again v.v Sorry for the wait and thanks for reading!!
PokeSvorlds 20.10.2016, 12:37 PM
I don't mine the wait excessively, I'm not going to die anytime soon. :P I was just wondering on how the comic was faring. You might want to make a comment on what you're doing in the future when things like this happen, because leaving readers not knowing anything isn't a great idea.